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Pink Ivory Duck Call

Extraordinary - Pink Ivory Duck Call - Yes it is Wood.

Sold: $69.95


This is an Amazing Looking Pink Ivory Duck Call. Check out all the pictures to get a real feel for its beauty!

Pink Ivory is not ivory that is pink. Pink Ivory is an exotic wood from Southern Africa. This particular piece of pink ivory has extraordinay grain pattern!  The startling color of Pink Ivory is produced by bands of tissue in the wood's growth rings. The heartwood ranges in color from a faint, light pink to a vibrant, almost red.

Pink Ivory, "Berchemia zeyheri", is one of the most rare and beautiful woods in the world. It is a very hard wood, strong and stiff, with a fine texture. It can be found in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and scattered in other parts of southern Africa. Pink Ivory is a deciduous tree with a spreading crown and varies in height from under 20 ft to over 50 ft in height. The wood is uniformly bright pink or pale red.

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