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Osage Orange Inhale-Exhale Deer Call

Osage Orange deer call with African Blackwood trim. This is an Exhale-Inhale deer call. This call has turned color, as all Osage Orange calls do. It is now a toasty brown color.

Sold: $99.95


This exhale-inhale deer call is made from osage orange a/k/a bodark, hedge apple, bois d'arc. It is reputed to be the hardest wood in North America. The bright color shown in the third picture has gradually faded to a light toasty brown, and no, there is nothing that can prevent the color change. It will remain the same hardy wood. 

Consider adding our handmade deerskin pouch to compliment this call. The pouch can be found on this page and on the gear page. It is a 'crafted in USA' pouch of soft deer skin.