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African Blackwood Custom duck call

An African Blackwood duck call. The wood of musical instruments. SCROLL DOWN to see more calls of this wood.

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Hunters have raved about the tone of the African Blackwood calls.

This duck call is made from the highly desirable and rare African Blackwood. This wood is a favorite of makers of musical instruments such as the clarinet. The call measures five inches.

Blackwood grows throughout East and Central Africa. A small tree growing to heights of 30 feet and generally diameters of less than one foot.

Color: Heartwood is purplish-brown with black streaks. Sapwood is white. Properties: extremely dense and hard. Density 75lb/ft3. Very fine even grain, oily, very stable. Uses: The wood of choice for fine quality woodwind instruments such as oboes, clarinets and bagpipes.

African Blackwood is the most desirable wood for wind instruments. When air is caused to vibrate in the bore of an instrument, the less the walls of the bore absorb the sound waves inside it, the brighter and louder the sound. Blackwood, with its oil impregnated dense grain, is ideally suited for this.  It is not subject to seasonal changes, which is critical in a musical instrument and a duck call!