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Jake's Calls adds Logo to all calls - finally

December 07, 2015 by

A mallard tail feather and a deer antler make up the Jake's Calls logo. In coming up with a logo for my calls, I needed something that was indicative of both duck calls and deer calls. What better than the tail feather of a drake mallard combined with the antler of a deer to form the leters J  C.  That logo is now on all of my calls.  The calls shown are made of Osage Orange, Bodarc, Hedge, etc. and show engaving the best. This wood is a very hard wood and makes a great duck call. The bright yellow color will fade over time to a nice brown. The color changes in all osage orange calls, you can't stop it !

We can laser engrave on a special call for you or your business to make that special call even more special. Give us a look.